Year 5 2021 - 2022

Mrs Chrystal

Year 5 Teacher


February 2022

Hello to all Year 5, Parents and Carers,

Below is some important information you need to know.

In Year 5 we will be asking you to continue hearing your child read at least for 10 minutes a day. This should be mainly their school reading book but on occasion it could be: their school or town library book; some interesting information text or even reading a list of instructions to make or bake something.

We do ask you to please sign and date their reading record to show the text they have read, Thank you.

Every week your child will be given a set of spellings to learn. They will be tested on these spellings in school each following Monday.

Your child is also required to spend a few minutes each day to complete their Times Table wheels as this will consolidate their instant recall of all their tables.

On occassion,  your child may be given extra homework to complete. This may be, to finish an activity they were unable to complete in school or to reinforce a new skill they have learnt that day. They may at times be asked to research a topic that will help them with their future learning.

If your child would like to complete any extra homework,  I would be very pleased for them to share their work at a convienient time  with the rest of the class.    

At Redcastle Family School we are very keen for you as parents and carers to support and help your child with their homework. I’m often asked questions on how or the best ways to do this. So here are a few ideas that may help…

How can you continue to help your child move forward in their learning in Year 5?

Keep doing all of the usual things that we say each year. Continue to hear them read as much as possible, practise times tables, help them with homework, talk to them about their day, and encourage them to be inquisitive and ask questions about the World around them.

Reading with your child and listening to your child read are possibly the best things you can do to help your child’s education.

Take time to discuss the text your child is reading, ask about the book, what do they like about it? Is it similar to anything else they've read? Can they tell you about the characters? What do they predict will happen?

Remember to share information books also… find out together, How or Why something works like it does!

Or maybe set a family game of discovering one new fact a day that you could share with the rest of the family.  You will have to set your own rules!

Remember, you can make a difference to your child’s reading by what you do at home – Be a cool reader!  

Encourage your child to learn their Number bonds, and to have instant recall of their Times tables up to 12 X 12 as these are the foundations of all their Mathematics.

Take a few minutes a day to ask your child a few Times table questions, maybe as they walk to school or while you are on a journey in the car. Another fun way is by playing counting board games or playing different card games.  

But remember to make it fun!

Encourage your child to take responsibility

Just like in school, give them some independence and responsibility for their learning at home. Here are a few ways you can encourage  them to have responsibility at home:

  • Ask them to pack their own bag for school so they get into the habit of thinking for themselves, about what they need and what they will be doing that day.
  • Allow them to make mistakes. If they forget their homework, make them tell the teacher themselves (they learn more quickly from their mistake and they are taking responsibility for it too).
  • Get into the routine of doing homework at a set time each week if possible. By all means help them, but make sure they make their own decisions, for example about their presentation.
  • If your child is not very organised, then taping a list by the door or to a lunch box works well, as does getting equipment ready the night before.

Be encouraging

Another simple thing that you can do as a parent is to be a good example. Children need adults to show them that learning is fun, relevant, and enjoyable – and don’t forget… difficult at times. Does it matter if you don’t know the answer? Of course it doesn’t. Instead, look it up together and talk about it…

Have a Go! and show that you want to find things out too.

Take it easy

Finally, remember that even in Year 5 your child will still need some freedom to play and rest. 

If you do need to ask me any questions I am out on the KST2 playground at 3:40pm most days, or if you prefer, you can request a home call from myself to discuss any issues concerning your child.  

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Chrystal


December 2021

Hi Year 5 , Parents and Carers.

A 'BIG THANK YOU' to all the parents for making it possible for the children to be part of the School visits to Thertford Ancient House Museum and to the Gressenhall Museum for the 'Christmas in the Workhouse Day'. The children looked amazing in their Victorian costumes and the staff at Gressenhall praised them all for their behaviour and enthusiasm during the entire day.  I will upload the pictures from the last two trips in Year 5 Gallery as soon as I can.    Thank you once again for all your support over the Autumn  Term.

IMG_9111.JPG   IMG_5615 (1).JPG

Many more pictures will follow.


16th November 2021

Good Morning,

Just a quick message to say a big,  'THANK YOU'  to you all for the way you represented Redcastle Family School yesterday during our visit to The Ancient House Museum, your behaviour was excellent and your enthusiasm was noted by all the staff there. They can't wait to see you again next month.

If you would like to show your parents a few of the activities of what you got up to look in the Class Blog.

See you in school.





Hello, Year 5        

Do you know who this person is?


13th November 2021

Hello Children 

We are at a very busy time in Year 5's calendar.

On Monday, as a class, we will be walking to the town to visit the Ancient House Museum where we will meet the staff to  discover the story of Norfolk’s ‘Black Prince’ (picture above), and find out how Duleep Singh is remembered in Thetford today. We will be learning about  his early life in the Punjab and his friendship with Queen Victoria. We will also be trying our hand at  Indian cookery and gaining a better understanding  about his Sikh faith.

It will be a trip that will develop your learning of the Victorians as well as adding to your knowledge and  understanding of the local area.

I'm really looking forward  to sharing the experience with you.

Please make sure you wear school uniform plus comfy shoes and a warm raincoat for walking to the museum (windows may be open in the Museum for ventilation so children need to have their school sweatshirts on) 

Tuesday - PE, please make sure you have your PE kits ready for your lesson. 

See you Monday 

Mrs Chrystal






I hope you are enjoying your week off.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

We have a very busy but exciting few weeks ahead of us so I hope you will be returning to school refreshed and eager to learn many more new skills  and a bucket full of interesting knowledge.  

So enjoy the next few days, remember to open a book and enjoy reading a few pages of a story or find out something new from an information book.  Also refresh your memory by making sure you know all your times tables to 12 x 12, and your number bonds. This can be achieved  by challenging yourself to completing a few calculations.

See you soon

Mrs Chrystal



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