Our Aims

Redcastle Family School is a school in which the staff and governors are dedicated to providing high quality teaching and learning for every child.

We value and use the teacher/child contact time to ensure that the children are being taught and are involved at the right level of learning and understanding, so that they can make real progress at their own rate.

The aesthetic quality of our school environment is very important to us, so we will ensure that the surroundings are attractive, interactive and stimulating.

We have high expectations of our children and believe in the achievement of excellence. Self-motivation is an important characteristic of excellence and we encourage every child to want to reach their highest potential for themselves.

We strongly believe in good behaviour that will enable every child to attend school without fear, or distraction from any source. We encourage mutual respect of individuals and actively seek to make children aware of other cultures, religions, languages and societies and promote social interaction at every level.

We recognise the importance of maintaining and nurturing good home/school relationships. We want parents to know that we value the contribution that they make to their child’s learning and we encourage them to participate in this, with us, to help children learn more effectively.

We are continually analysing and developing opportunities, standards and resources within our school in order to provide a well rounded education that meets the needs of every child and enables every child to maximise their potential and to be successful.

St Martins Way,
Norfolk IP24 3PU
Mr James Julian, Headteacher
Mrs Emma Denty, Deputy Head/SENDCO/Safeguarding